General Waste Disposal

Solid and liquid waste collection is one of the first services we began to offer.

Currently, Nidukki supplies refuse bins with capacities starting from 240 liter to 7m3, which satisfies the requirements of most residential and commercial localities for solid waste collection.

Nidukki also supplies mobile/portable compactors for collection of general non-hazardous compactable waste mainly to clients generating large volume of compactable waste. The waste is compacted by the mobile compactors on site reducing the need for extra containers and trips.

As for the liquid waste, we operate vacuum tanker trucks with capacities of 2,000 and 4,000 USG i.e. 8,000 liters and 16,000 liters, that are duly registered for the transportation of sewerage, storm water and all non hazardous or industrial liquids.