Nidukki provides mechanical and manual road sweeping services using state of the art equipment. The services range from cleaning roads to parking areas depending on our customers’ needs.


We also provide professional trained manpower and equipment for janitorial services which include cleaning of glass, doors, windows, floors, toilets, escalators, walls, outer side elevations (up to 20m), parking, carpet shampooing, etc.


Nidukki offers a new methodology for cleaning Fin Fan coolers using Easy Foam, (a US technology) which helps reduce the production costs and improves the efficiency and life span of Fin Fan coolers (Fin type and Tube type).

Our Easy Foam cleaning agent is formulated with biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients and designed specifically to aid in the cleaning of Fin Fan coolers within Industrial applications.


Nidukki’s industrial cleaning scope of work includes the cleaning of cooling towers, sludge tanks, clarifier tanks, scale pits, trenches, sedimentation tanks, and plate heat exchangers. We have a well-trained team with substantial experience.

Some of our major clients that use these services include ALBA, SULB, and Al Dur Power Station.

Grease Trap and Drain Line Cleaning:

Nidukki provides professionally trained service technicians to perform the cleaning work for all types of grease traps and drain lines, located either internally or externally with high pressure hydro jetting machines ranging from 400 to 5000 PSI. All grease trap cleaning and disposal of sludge/oil is done as per SCE (Supreme Council of Environment) rules and regulations.

Main Sewerage and Storm Line Cleaning:

We are equipped with state of the art combination truck to perform the cleaning of main sewerage lines and storm lines to remove blocks, debris and sludge. The sludge/debris collected are stored in a separate tank mounted on the truck. The Water Recycling system then drains and recycles the water from the tank and reuses it for flushing. This latest technology consumes less water and less space for continuous hours of work than the average combination truck.

Water Tank Cleaning:

Nidukki provides professionally trained staff to efficiently clean tanks. We are equipped to handle different sizes by either cleaning manually or using high pressure hydro jetting machines.